Go Om Yourself…Edgy Yoga-Zen Wear

As a rock and roll yogi gangster, it’s so hard to find cool edgy zen-wear that allows me to let my yogi-freak flag fly. Somehow a breezy t shirt imprinted with “Follow Your Bliss” just isn’t my flavor…so I did something about it!

Go Om Yourself Thug Wear is a line of yoga/mudra inspired tank tops. The collection consists of Mudra/Yogi inspired tanks that are sure to muscle up any slouchy beanie. The line injects a bit of humor, cheeky intention and the concept of cool spirituality into an otherwise saturated market of Sanskrit-based designs featuring Buddha, Om symbols and the “go-to” Namaste salutation. Go Om Yourself marries funny, smart, irreverent style with wellness, strength and serenity. It’s today’s answer to Zen wear for anyone who likes a little street cred with her spiritual insignia.

Visit www.goomyourself.com ….color up and throw down some spiritual insignia!

Stay super fine and always dance in the silvery light.

Thugs and Blisses,


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