The Vampire Says, “Mash Gooooood!”

People often ask, what does “Mashgood” mean…where did it come from?

Well it’s simple. Remember the old song, Monster Mash? At the end of the song the Vampire says, “mash gooooood!”

I liked it…so I kept it.

My save-all stolen mental artifact, “mashgood,” applies to more than just the memory of my maniac kids dancing in diapers to the Monster Mash. Although that’s where it started, with a beyond joyful moment; the site of those two crazed chubby faces really “feeling it.” Squealing and moshing to the beat. Completely unaffected by anything the world or life could put on them. No self-conscious weirdness, no judgement, just utter joy and adrenaline coming out of and off of my two perfect dancing little boys who couldn’t give a damn that they could barely speak yet…BECAUSE,  OMG THE MONSTER MASH WAS PLAYING!.

It’s easy to go back to that moment and capture the “good.” So “mashgood”  has become a mantra for me over the years.  I use it to remind myself to dump the trash in my head (fear, doubt, anger..),  and to  take all things (like that precious moment with my kids) and mash them up into the “good.”



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